News Northwest is a new publication planning to cover cities in Washington, Oregon, & Idaho.

We’re starting with the capitol cities: Olympia, Salem, and Boise. Of those, we’ll first focus on Olympia.


There is always a need for local journalism that holds government accountable. Local journalism organizations are shrinking, government accountibility is just as important as ever, and current federal government is negatively impacting local communities.


We’re currently recruiting freelance writers.

You should be one of them.

People of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, and other underrepresented folks are encouraged to apply.

Bachelors in journalism or another communications degree preferred, but not required.

You must be based somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, preferably in or nearby Olympia, WA, Salem, OR, or Boise, ID.

Areas of coverage

  • science and environment
  • housing and homelessness
  • policy and governance
  • technology and digital equity
  • art & culture

There will always be stories that need to be published that exist outside of these categories, but this list will focus our daily work.


  • $50 per article between 500 to 1000 words (with exceptions for important pieces that need to be longer)
  • first digital rights with 2 week exclusive rights (after the 2 weeks put the article anywhere you like)
  • no more than 2 revision requests (we copy edit and fact check, and want this to be an easy process for you)

This is the first iteration of our freelance program, with plans to gradually increase the overall budget and amount paid for individual articles.

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